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Jackie Arevalo

Jackie Arevalo

Sr. Vice President

Jackie Arevalo’s responsibilities at Millenia 3 include the development and implementation of all marketing plans to current and prospective customers, from website production, client surveys, and the development and creation of all marketing materials to the development of new and current company and vendor partnerships that will allow Millenia 3 to meet all current and future company and client needs.  Jackie is also responsible for developing sales plans, making sales presentations, and managing the sales department, as well as the direct management and strategic planning of and for the Airplay Verification Department. She has developed the sales forecast as well as the department and client growth goals for Millenia 3 in alignment with the Pres/CEO.  Jackie also directly assists the President of Millenia 3 with all company and employee operations.

Jackie brings over 30 years of successful sales, sales training and marketing, and sales management experience to her role at Millenia 3.  Most notably, Jackie spent over 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry where she had the opportunity to gain valuable experience in many different roles and where she won many top awards for team building, teamwork, sales, and leadership.  When approached with the chance to take everything she had learned throughout her career to make a difference for Millenia 3, Jackie was enthusiastic about the opportunity.  Her commitment to the clients and customers that she serves both internally and externally has made Jackie a great fit for the culture of Millenia 3.

Jackie graduated with a Bachelors Degree from Louisiana State University with a focus on Business, Science, and Psychology.