Robert Owen

Robert Owen

President and CEO

During over 40 years in the broadcast industry, Robert Owen watched stations become less and less sensitive to the needs of the advertiser and the audience. In 2000, Robert founded Millenia 3 with the goal of providing a ‘one-stop shop’ for all traffic needs of the advertising industry.

From childhood, Robert knew that he was destined to be in broadcasting.  At age 3, he was already ‘on the air’ at WHLI-AM in New York, singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to the radio audience.  By age 6, he was getting punished for playing a radio through his earphones during first-grade arithmetic, and by 18, he had parlayed his passion into his first ‘on-air’ job as the host of his own teen talk show on WSB-TV in Atlanta.

Robert continued to build a very successful career, most notably earning a National Journalism award for his coverage of the near fatal shooting of Hustler publisher Larry Flynt, and three Promax Awards for his creative for “3rd Rock from the Sun.”  He was also recognized as a groundbreaking sports producer in the NFL and NBA.  Robert’s background in broadcast operations has given him the opportunity to work throughout the U.S. at local radio and television stations and networks.

Although Robert now finds himself ‘behind the scenes’ in the broadcast industry, his spare time finds him talking with the world on Ham Radio, still “getting it on the air.”