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It’s the End of Advertising As We Know It And I Feel Fine

Thank you, REM, but I have a confession to make, it isn’t the end of advertising as we know it. Not yet, anyway. Since the dawn of time (ok, maybe earlier this decade) agencies and buyers have been toying with the idea that we can deliver specific advertising on TV, online, and other platforms based...

Midseason Slasher

Did you ever wish that there was not a midseason hiatus? We all look forward to the new and upcoming episodes after being on hiatus. It is actually cruel and unusual punishment to keep the viewers waiting to see the results of those dramatic cliffhangers. Now, the networks are rethinking after last...

Fall Launch – Another Year in the Books!

The last few months have been very stressful for the American people with the future of our government at hand. Don’t worry I’m not going to get political or go on a rant… I’m going to give you my take on the 2016 Fall Launch!  Some of the new shows/returning shows are the way for many to escape the...

The Popularity of Podcasts

Last spring, Susan wrote a great blog about the increasing popularity of podcasts, discussing some interesting information about the opportunities clearly taking shape with the proliferation of literally hundreds of podcasts. While podcast producers, advertisers and researchers still have only limit...

Like Family

You know, as I look back to the first days when I was just starting here full time at Millenia 3, I didn’t realize how involved I would end up being in the company.  I started out as being a very shy individual focusing mostly on radio production.  Slowly within the first few years, I became m...

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