You know, as I look back to the first days when I was just starting here full time at Millenia 3, I didn’t realize how involved I would end up being in the company.  I started out as being a very shy individual focusing mostly on radio production.  Slowly within the first few years, I became more and more involved with the video production side of the business…helping to get television commercials on the air.  I enjoyed that part very much and learned a great deal about the technical side.

Over the course of the 10 years I’ve been an employee here, there were a lot of people I never imagined I would encounter and interact with on a daily basis.  Early on, when I started to handle some of the video processing and transcoding, it was difficult to comprehend at first because we were using a hardware based encoding system.  Recently, we’ve switched to an automated software encoder which processes our media in a more timely manner and makes our production work flow more efficient.  With the hardware encoder, there were a lot of procedures that we would have to perform to get the job done.  Between patching and logging and capturing media while using the manual encoder and remembering to click the “start” button on time after every spot was captured…all of those parameters would be very tedious and time consuming without having an automated workflow.

Our Director of Production and Technology, Kevin Keegan, has taught me most of what I know through now and he has really helped me to “come out of my shell” so to speak.  I applaud him very much for that.  In speaking with clients on the phone and via email, and working with my fellow co-workers, I’ve learned to become more comfortable in my work environment and with myself as a person.  It is an honor to be a part of this great M3 team.