Did you ever wish that there was not a midseason hiatus? We all look forward to the new and upcoming episodes after being on hiatus. It is actually cruel and unusual punishment to keep the viewers waiting to see the results of those dramatic cliffhangers. Now, the networks are rethinking after last year’s rating collapse. There are several possible reasons for the collapse. Viewers get a chance to sample other shows on competing networks, too many reruns, and lengthy hiatuses. The solution could be more dramatic cliffhangers to entice viewers to return or shorter hiatuses.

According to Adweek.com, “Nearly every returning drama suffered big ratings declines after the midseason break. On ABC How to Get Away With Murder’s return plummeted 20 percent in the 18-49 demo, while the network’s Quantico and NBC’s Blindspot also took big hits. In fact, most shows failed to match their midseason finale numbers at any point in the season’s second half.”
So the networks are revising their midseason hiatus plans. They are making the weeks shorter. For example, ABC Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away with Murder will be back in nine weeks after the Thursday 11/17 episode, three weeks earlier than last year and NBC Blindspot and This is Us will have a much shorter hiatus than their 14 week stretch last year.

Networks depend on strong cliffhangers and nail biters for their viewers to return. We have known some amazing cliffhangers, for example Dallas “Who Shot JR”, 24 “President Palmer gets a surprise poisonous handshake courtesy of mystery baddie Mandy,” Dynasty “Royal Wedding,” Lost “Through the Looking Glass,” Scandal “Olivia Pope Kidnapped”- just to name a few.
So the key to keep viewers returning are strong cliffhangers and nail biters. Some may argue however that viewer habits change and some networks don’t expect to abandon their hiatuses.

We are coming on the season finale of OWN’s Queen Sugar. I am not ready for that show to go on hiatus. It has turned into one of my favorite shows. The acting is awesome. There are a lot of new faces on the show. Well I should say a lot of new faces for me but they are all awesome actors. It has all the family dynamics that we can relate to in part. There are three siblings, Nova a worldly-wise journalist and activist; Charley, the savvy wife and manager of a professional basketball star; and Ralph Angel, a formerly incarcerated young father in search of redemption. Their father passed away and left them with the family’s sugarcane farm. Through all of their triumphs and struggles in their own lives they are tasked to run a struggling sugar cane farm. I will be counting the days for the upcoming new season. Hopefully the Midseason Slasher will be applied to Queen Sugar.

Whether hiatuses are longer or shorter, Millenia3 will be geared up and prepared for ABC and OWN Midseason. As with ABC’s Fall launch, which is our busiest time of the year, the hard work and dedication will continue to be a staple at Millena3.


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