Rush-Hour Traffic No Match for Millenia 3

Even in this world of high-definition, file-based video, there are still cable systems that require delivery of physical tape, rather than the now customary online delivery of digital files. On a recent Friday afternoon, a system near Knoxville, Tennessee, called in a panic. Their tape machine had eaten our tape and they had no spot to run the next day for our client. We spent ten minutes looking for alternatives, and when we realized there wasn’t one, our CEO, Robert Owen, headed straight for t...

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Quick Sleuthing Saves Thousands in Licensing Penalties

Recently, we received an urgent after-hours call from one of our long-standing network clients. The network had been given a three-day license to use a Fleetwood Mac song in a commercial, but the song’s publisher had accused it of running the song for an additional 10 days, without paying the fees. When we received the list of stations allegedly airing the spot, we noticed they were all Clear Channel stations. Robert Owen, our CEO, immediately called one of his contacts who heads programming at...

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Sunday Response Saves Presidential Pre-Empt

On a relaxing Sunday afternoon in May 2006, we received an urgent call from Darren Schillace, V.P. of Prime Time Advertising and Marketing at ABC. He was very concerned about a radio campaign scheduled for the next day on 350 radio stations. It was to promote Oprah Winfrey’s Legends Ball. President George W. Bush had just decided to address the nation on the status of the war in Iraq at the same time as the program. Once the decision was made to pre-empt the show and carry the President, the nex...

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Sweetie Pie’s Expletive Almost has OWN’s Spot SOL

OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network and one of our newest clients, has a show called Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s, about a grandmother with a very direct, no BS way of doing business at the restaurant she and her family own. To emphasize this, a promo that we received for the show contained her literally saying “bullsh**t”. The word was bleeped, of course, but a specific network’s standards and practices department was not happy that you could still make out the expletive by the movement of the actress’s...

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Creative Workaround Saves Emmy Spots

Most of the spots that we receive are under tight delivery deadlines, and many of them may have issues when it comes time to air on certain networks or stations with specific video requirements. In one instance, our long-time client ABC Entertainment was hosting and promoting the Emmy Awards. A few of the spots we received had graphics that went outside of 4:3 title safe on the HD file, so there was a good chance that something in the spot—text or talent—would go missing on the SD feed. With tim...

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