Our Off-Air Approach

Before you even begin your campaign, Millenia 3 provides vital expertise to you and your marketing team, based on our team’s decades of series launch experience. We can advise you on creative direction, versions and execution, as well as create cut-sheets and rough tag charts if you desire.

But our consulting services don’t end once the commercials are produced. We’ll be there every step of the way, making recommendations based on the environment of each market to assure your commercials maximize tune-in for your show or, in the case of advertising agencies, drive product sales. Using our first-in-the-industry service, Broadcast Traffic+, we guide each commercial to successful air, customizingdistributing and verifying airplay, while keeping you alerted every step of the way.

Millenia 3’s Broadcast Traffic Plus Process

Our On-Air Services

Don’t worry with the stress of managing traffic; let our On-Air Services team handle it for you! Serving as your off-site traffic department, our experts will work closely with your marketing department and producers, matching your internal processes, systems and requirements to ensure all of your traffic needs are met. From creating cut sheets to ensuring the right spots are created, we are experts at handling the details, so you can focus on other things. And our services are typically much more cost effective than adding in-house personnel. Find out more! 


For ad or media buying agencies that would like to add broadcast traffic services to their client offerings, Millenia 3 provides the perfect white label solution. If you don’t have the time or manpower to grow an in-house traffic department, but want to add this lucrative revenue stream to your client offerings, this solution is for you. In an emergency scenario, we can even step in to meet your immediate needs. Learn more about our white label solution.