Once we have assured that broadcasters received your carefully quality-checked commercial and it airs, the next step in our Broadcast Traffic+ service ensures that it airs exactly as you intended. In the traditional airplay verification model, if a broadcaster misses, improperly airs, or puts a commercial in the wrong rotation, the advertising network won’t find out in time to remedy the error until it’s too late. No future media credit can make up for the loss in immediacy that is critical during the launch of a show.

But with our industry-leading Digital Watermarking technology and our proprietary Airplay Verification process, details of your commercial are instantly recorded (such as where and when it aired). We watermark each commercial using two different tracking methods to assure accuracy during the customization process.  If a commercial doesn’t air or airs improperly, such as in the wrong programming block or as the wrong version, we’ll know in real time, so the issue can be fixed while the campaign is in-flight, when it is most critical.

Millenia 3 is the only airplay verification service provider with “eyes-on,” enabling delivery of this data instantaneously via email. If there is a problem, we will alert you immediately and recommend solutions or, if we can, we’ll fix the issue ourselves. The Millenia 3 Airplay Verification Service holds accountability to the media buy, protects your ROI and assures your launch or campaign goes off as planned.