Once you have completed the media plan, you or your agency simply sends it to us, while you move on to the next step of producing the creative. From there, we take ownership of the process so that you don’t have to worry with the details. Our team ensures the integrity of each spot and performs any needed customization to make sure that each commercial airs as intended.  Not only do we take care that sound and picture are of the highest quality, but Millenia 3 also conforms your commercial to the requirements and opportunities of each market. (See how we saved the Emmy spots!)

If there are creative issues with a commercial, Millenia 3 has the ability to correct video and audio right here in our in-house studios. We can customize commercials as needed, adjusting audio and modifying images, as well as adding logos, airtimes and other information. After we have made any needed corrections, Millenia 3 provides copies to the appropriate network’s standards and practices department for review. Once approved, the commercial is imprinted with our industry-leading Digital Watermarking technology, allowing us to confirm the details of airplay during the airplay verification stage.

During this phase, our traffic department creates and posts traffic instructions on based on the media buy. Our clients and stations can easily access the traffic instructions at any time on our user-friendly site.

Using our exacting system of quality control, we make sure that your commercial is ready to air as intended, before it moves on to the next step in Broadcast Traffic+, distribution.


Millenia 3 is also a high-end production company producing Hi-Def and Standard Definition Television and high-concept radio creative. Our Adobe CC/Final Cut Pro Suites can handle everything from the simplest stand-up interview to the most elaborate graphics intensive promos. For sound and radio, our Pro-Tools HD system will set your productions apart. Millenia 3’s creative has achieved the most prestigious awards in broadcast promotion. When you need access to the latest skills and equipment, Millenia 3 will be right by your side.

What Our Clients are Saying
I have the utmost faith and confidence in Millenia 3 and what they do.  We never hear anything negative back, which in the traffic world means a lot.  On other accounts we’re bombarded.  They make the job as seamless and easy as possible. Millenia 3 is  probably one of the best agencies we wor…
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