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Quick Sleuthing Saves Thousands in Licensing Penalties

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Recently, we received an urgent after-hours call from one of our long-standing network clients. The network had been given a three-day license to use a Fleetwood Mac song in a commercial, but the song’s publisher had accused it of running the song for an additional 10 days, without paying the fees.

When we received the list of stations allegedly airing the spot, we noticed they were all Clear Channel stations. Robert Owen, our CEO, immediately called one of his contacts who heads programming at Clear Channel, and discovered that it was not the spot airing on those additional dates, but the full Fleetwood Mac song on the Clear Channel Classic Rock stations!

The logs proved that no licensing violation had occurred, so there was no penalty, saving the network thousands of dollars. As we say at Millenia 3, solving problems for our clients is all in a day’s work.

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