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Sunday Response Saves Presidential Pre-Empt

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On a relaxing Sunday afternoon in May 2006, we received an urgent call from Darren Schillace, V.P. of Prime Time Advertising and Marketing at ABC. He was very concerned about a radio campaign scheduled for the next day on 350 radio stations. It was to promote Oprah Winfrey’s Legends Ball. President George W. Bush had just decided to address the nation on the status of the war in Iraq at the same time as the program. Once the decision was made to pre-empt the show and carry the President, the next challenge was to kill the radio campaign on every one of those 350 radio stations and do it that afternoon, 18 hours before the campaign was to air.

No problem. The entire Millenia 3 team mobilized and spent the afternoon and evening calling radio station hotlines throughout the country in an effort to kill the campaign. Using our airplay verification technology we were able to prove that only one of those 350 stations aired the Legends spot and did so at 5:30 a.m. This Sunday success was just another example of how Millenia 3 is always on-duty at a moments notice for our clients.

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