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Sweetie Pie’s Expletive Almost has OWN’s Spot SOL

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OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network and one of our newest clients, has a show called Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s, about a grandmother with a very direct, no BS way of doing business at the restaurant she and her family own. To emphasize this, a promo that we received for the show contained her literally saying “bullsh**t”. The word was bleeped, of course, but a specific network’s standards and practices department was not happy that you could still make out the expletive by the movement of the actress’s lips.

Timing was critical, as it usually is, and we were able to make the change in-house by doing an FBI-style blur over the grandmother’s mouth. The solution created air-worthy spots for OWN—and additional buzz—without requiring them to revise and resend the spot, possibly missing their timeslot.

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