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Sure, we deliver the goods far above clients’ expectations with laser-sharp attention to detail and next-level responsiveness. But what really sets us apart is the unwavering devotion we bring to this nitty-gritty and oftentimes unglorified work.

Our Approach


Just like your favorite traffic cop, we’re out there conducting the flow of media with unmatched attention to detail. Our versatile solutions are on-the-ready and backed by a strategic team who keeps their seasoned eyes on every detail of your campaign. 



We aren’t just pretty faces. We are production specialists with fully-loaded technology, paired with human eyes that carefully watch every frame and fragment, flagging flaws like pros and making sure your media lives up to your highest expectations.


Airplay Verification

When your spot misses the mark, you catch the heat. That’s why we have a live airplay verification process in place to raise the flag when something goes wrong, and remedy the problem while your campaign is still in flight.


Before you even begin your campaign, Millenia3 provides vital expertise based on our team’s breadth and depth of experience. We collaborate with you on media plans, providing guidance on deliverables, versioning, and specs, as well as regulatory guidelines and other nuances. Media plans are crafted with input from traffic experts at the outset, saving time and money in creative development. Once the creative is produced and plans are finalized, we oversee the deployment process soup-to-nuts: traffic, production, QC, airplay, accountability, and troubleshooting.