Whether you need support with just one part of the deployment process or want to install us as your marketing operations department, Millenia3 can help. Because we’re a small company we can be flexible in how we provide services, tailoring our approach to clients’ specific needs.

Our Process


Just like your favorite traffic cop, we’re out there conducting the flow of media with unmatched attention to detail. Our versatile solutions are on the-ready and backed by a strategic team who keeps their seasoned eyes on every detail of your campaign.


While most third-party providers are limited to one distributor, Millenia3 utilizes multiple high-speed distribution platforms to get the spot to its destination. Selecting a platform based on the individual media buy saves advertisers time and money.


Our built in confirmation process allows M3 to know exactly when networks receive delivery of assets so there is no delay in getting your creative successfully to air.


After creative is delivered, we manage all inbound inquiries from networks, marshalling revisions and facilitating unique executions as necessary.


We aren’t just pretty faces. We are production specialists with fully-loaded technology, paired with human eyes that carefully watch every frame and fragment, flagging flaws like pros and making sure your media lives up to your highest expectations.


Need to make adjustments or add custom elements? We can integrate closed captioning, VO and creative corrections quickly and expertly with full in-house production capabilities. We handle every possible scenario. With these resources, Millenia3 cuts out unnecessary time and steps from the process.


Millenia3 routes spots through the appropriate network’s standards and practices department for review. Not content to simply make corrections, we are always advocating on behalf of the client to push creative limits and deliver the most impactful, compelling promos possible.


Once approved, each spot is encoded with our industry-leading digital watermarking technology. Leveraging two different tracking methods, this process ensures the details of your creative are instantly recorded and can be tracked during the airplay verification stage.

Airplay Verification

When your spot misses the mark, you catch the heat. That’s why we have a live airplay verification process in place to raise the flag when something goes wrong, and remedy the problem while your campaign is still in flight.

Real Time

If a network misses, improperly airs, or puts a spot in the wrong rotation, the advertiser won’t find out in time to remedy the error until it’s too late. No future media credit can make up for the loss in immediacy most campaigns require. Our live monitoring airplay verification process enables delivery of airing data next business day. If a spot doesn’t air or airs improperly, we’ll know right away, so the issue can be fixed while the campaign is in-flight, when it is most critical.


Millenia3 routes creative through the appropriate network’s standards and practices department for review. If there is a problem, we will alert you immediately and recommend solutions. Whenever possible or preferred, our in-house production team will fix the issue ourselves.