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Our Team

Corey Eckard

Meet Corey Eckard, our Media Production Supervisor! Corey is responsible for encoding and deploying client media, executing our thorough quality control protocols, and assisting in the management of operations. He is a video editing guru and ensures all creative content is of the highest quality and in check with broadcast standards. Corey takes pride in working directly with clients, helping them to problem solve and produce top-notch campaigns.

Corey earned a Bachelor of Science degree in electronic media and broadcasting from Appalachian State University. While in college, he developed an interest in sports broadcasting, and has since produced content for many professional sports teams in the Atlanta area. Corey’s strengths and vision align with those of Millenia 3―he enjoys the tight knit community, the customer service focus and the challenge to produce innovative work.

Corey and his family stay active by playing recreational sports and Pokémon Go. Corey and his wife are currently in the process of watching all 40 seasons of Survivor!

Favorite TV Show

Bob’s Burgers

Favorite TV Character

JD from Scrubs

Actors or characters you would invite to a dinner party

Just one – Nathan Fillion