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Susan Owen Lauwers

Meet our President, CEO and fearless leader, Susan Owen Lauwers! Susan leads our team of seasoned experts in Traffic, Production and Verification services for national broadcasters and advertising clients. She is dedicated to advancing the company’s mission to take the strategic and creative vision of client campaigns to the finish line. To do this, Susan has built a team of talented, dedicated and detail-oriented media professionals to deliver client success. She is a future-thinker, team-builder and client-advocate, focusing on developing strategies, services and solutions that eliminate pain-points for clients, while fostering a culture of empathy, trust and inclusivity. With Susan at the helm, Millenia 3 has a bright future of innovation and meaningful impact.

Prior to her current role, Susan served Millenia 3 for seven years, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Airplay Verification department and spearheading the research and product development that grew the capabilities and technology of the team. Before joining Millenia 3, Susan gained in-depth experience on the client side for six years, managing media production and deployment for a group of major cable networks including TBS and TNT. While there, she soaked up everything she could about the industry, from the operations of a television network to the vast landscape of marketing, before returning to the family business with a newfound passion for leadership and ingenuity.

The daughter of two career broadcasters, Susan’s passion for television, media and the entertainment business started before she could read or write. Susan’s first on-air experience came while she was still in pre-school, interrupting her father reading a Coca-Cola radio ad by announcing, “My daddy drinks Pepsi!” to all the listeners. Years later, Susan’s early exposure to the business evolved into her full-fledged passion for the industry that was passed down from her parents. Susan is determined to continue to grow Millenia 3 and build on its reputation of reliability, innovation and producing results.

Favorite TV Show

So many! Succession,  Schitt’s Creek, Devs, Derry Girls, and Better Call Saul.

Favorite TV Character

Linda Belcher from Bob’s Burgers. She has a zeal for life, lives entirely in the present moment, relentlessly loves her family and never takes herself too seriously. She’s a model human being and a gifted songwriter.

Actors or characters you would invite to a dinner party

David Rose, Dwight Schrute, Liz Lemon, Ron Swanson, Sansa Stark, Peggy Olson, Ted Lasso and Ghost the Direwolf.

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