Our Team

Troy Dempsey

Troy has 16 years of experience in digital advertising working with Fortune 500 companies. He previously worked with Naylor, the largest publisher of association publications in the US.  He spent 10 years with AARP and was responsible for all digital advertising in the Southeast.

Troy’s experience includes digital display, video, dedicated email, newsletters, native, DOOH, and print advertising. He now leads our growth development efforts, helping new clients and ad agencies with turnkey solutions for their ad operations and media deployment needs. 

Raised in Wisconsin, Troy is a die-hard Packers fan. After living in Georgia for years, he has become a big Braves fan and loves to hike in North Georgia. He is a documentary enthusiast and is the type of person that will watch a doc about the history of the potato, realize he’s seen it before, and then keep watching. Troy has three grown children, or as he likes to say, he has three adults.

Favorite TV Show

Breaking Bad, Rick & Morty, Loudermilk, Barry, Shrinking, The Old Man, Most documentaries 

Favorite TV Character

Back to the Future, Master and Commander, Quiz Show, Forrest Gump, Talladega Nights